Product Properties

What’s Your Space?

Your needs will depend on the room you are looking to decorate. For example, blackout fabrics are best-suited for bedrooms, while dens or living rooms require glare reducing fabrics for watching television and filtering light.

Sun Exposure

Your room’s level of sun exposure will depend on the direction to which it faces.  Rooms facint east will get bright morning sun, while rooms facing west will be exposed to intense alternoon heat and light.  You can protect these high exposure rooms with pre-set timers on automated blinds and UV oritectubg fabrics.

Is Safety a Concern?

If you have small children or pets, long cords can be a hazard.  Most of our window coverings offer cordless or automation options.  Automation is also helpful for hard-ro-read shades

The Mood

Finally, a window covering should enhance the atmosphere of your space.  Choose a style and fabric that compliments your decorating taste.  Shades of red, gold, and pink are warm colours while shades of blue, grey, and green are cooler colours.

Green by Nature

We take our commitment to sustainable development seriously.  Our various eco initiatives enable us to take care of our customers and the environment. we are dedicated to actively building a green community as a proud member of Canada Green Building Council.

Window coverings create the backdrop of any space.  They form the mood of a home, envelop your room in privacy, or frame a scenic view. They can shield morning glare and filter a sunset’s warm glow.  Whether you are after sleek and clean lines, or soft and elegant movement, you can express your style to create a space that perfectly suits you.  Our innovation, vast selection of fabrics, abd quality customer service have made us the #1 choice of decorators and architects since 1967.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Our automation options and metalized materials help regulate the temperature in your home and can greatly reduce the consumption of heating and airconditioning. This can greatly save you on the cost of energy and reduce our collective carbon footprint.